Residential Projects


Rilma Lane
Los Altos, California

Addition and remodel to mid-century ranch style home to include multiple gables with a craftsman style influence. Featured high ceilings with projecting soffits and a clerestory window.

Country Residence
St. Helena, California

Only the stone walls remained during this conversion from an 1883 winery to a residence. A new interior shell of reinforced concrete was built to carry the new loads and to provide earthquake resistance.

Fort Mason - Historic Living Quarters
San Francisco, California

Repair and restoration to damaged historical components, fire separation walls, and interior modifications.

Ocean Avenue
San Francisco, California

Addition and remodel included tiled hipped roofs and stairwell feature.

Flanders Drive
Arnold, California

Addition and remodel included adding eight gables to a mid-centure "A" frame cabin.

Newcastle Court
Redwood City, California

Remodel of a two story single family residence and the addition of a rear yard trellis/pavilion. The areas of remodel included master bedroom, master bath, powder room and kitchen.

Frederick Street
San Francisco, California

This Dutch Colonial is single family home located in the Upper Haight Asbury. It was built 1898 and the garage was added on the southern portion of the lot in the 1920's.

Ocean Boulevard - Live-work
Princeton By The Sea, California

Exterior and interior modifications to a Fred Herring designed shell. Finshes compliment and unify the exterior.

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